Here we go! The Deep Cuts Kickstarter is alive! It’s alive!

What an amazing way to start June. We’ve been working on getting this Deep Cuts Kickstarter project ready for months and talking about the anthology for many more months prior to that. It’s hard to believe we’re actually here.

We opened for submissions a couple days ago, and have already begun to receive them. Please, if you’re submitting, go to our Submittable page, scroll to the bottom, and submit there. We are not taking email submissions unless you really can’t deal with Submittable. If that’s the case, let us know in your email.

So, back to the Kickstarter. As we were discussing the anthology, and what we wanted to do with it, all three of us editors felt a gnawing discontent with how much we could do. We would be able to pay pro rates, yes, but only just barely. Writers are the lifeblood of publishing, and we editors are all writers as well, so we know the disgraceful rates writers are getting these days.

Twenty years ago, the rate for “professional” payment in a publication was exactly the same as it is now. Tell me that’s just! The more we talked about it, the more depressed we got.

So, in our funk, we started talking about how we could make this the best project it could be, and that meant, finding a way to pay writers more.

We decided to split royalties with the writers, and that would help. But it wasn’t enough.

Then, we stumbled on the idea of making a Kickstarter. After much research and deliberation, charts, and emails flying back and forth, we decided to do it. And to make it about the writers.

So, if our Kickstarter is successful, we’ll be paying the writers at least 6¢/word instead. In our stretch goals, which we will reveal later, we’ll increase that even more.

Squee! We’re off to the races. I wonder what will happen. 🙂

Angel Leigh McCoy


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