Cheers and New Rewards!

We’ve made it to over the $2000 hump, and believe me, that was an exciting moment. I’m sure you heard us cheering in your living rooms. The U-stream video of the newborn kittens distracted us for a little while, but then we were right back at it, looking for ways we could make pledging to our project a valuable experience for backers.

We’ve come up with a few new reward levels that we think will entice some new pledges and that we hope others will find tempting enough to raise existing pledges. As always, we welcome feedback and suggestions, especially from those of you invested in our project!

$39: SUPPORTER OF THE DARK ARTS. You’ve seen Coraline 30 times and had Nightmare Before Christmas decorations up until well after New Year’s. You are a supporter of the dark arts. We have a special package just for you, and it includes everything in the $25 reward kit, plus a mug proclaiming, “I support the dark arts!” with the image of our cover. Just imagine how it will look on the counter amidst all your co-workers’ kitten mugs.

$44: CAMPFIRE STORYTELLER. You want to scare as many people as possible. We can help you do that. Pledge at this level, and we’ll make an audio recording (with one of the awesome readers at Wily Writers) of a short story that you’ve written (5k words or less). You’ll get the nicely formatted, edited, MP3 to put on your website or to force your family to listen to every Thanksgiving. In addition, you get everything in the $25 pledge packet.

In other exciting news, tomorrow, we’re going to hold a special give-away of signed books to those who pledge at certain levels, so watch here and at our Twitter feed @deepcuts111. If nothing else, join us as we talk horror and writing and just hang out and have a good time. 🙂 We’ll announce the time of it soon.


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