Who is Deep Cuts Editor Chris Marrs?

I am sitting here—full cup of coffee by my side and in my PJs, because I have a rare day off from both my day jobs and the kids are still in school—and I’m staring at this blinking cursor with fear.

I’ve been writing since I was seven, and a blinking cursor can be intimidating but shouldn’t strike terror in my heart. Then, it dawns on me why I’m afraid. I’m not sitting here getting ready to put fictional characters through their paces or focus an unfocused plot line, I’m sitting here getting ready to give you a little insight into me and the project I’m involved in. To someone who prefers hiding behind the potted plants over standing in the center of the room, that’s a little daunting. So, please bear with me while I give it my best shot.

Much of what I wrote when I was seven was about benign fairies and dashing elves since that’s what I was reading. One day when I was about eleven, a friend lent me a book of urban horror stories. You know the ones: the doll that comes alive, the girl with the velvet choker holding her head on, and the like. My dad took note of what I was reading, and at a later point, brought home a book one of his loggers had left behind. It was a novel for adults, it was horror, it terrified me, and I loved it. I wanted more. Gone were the benign fairies and their dashing elves.

Bring on the monsters!

I exchanged fairytales for boogeymen and haunted houses, both in my reading material and in my writing.

Growing up in a town with a population of 1000 didn’t leave many opportunities for discovering horror writers outside the best-sellers list. We know the three I mean. It wasn’t until I was almost an adult that I discovered there were many, very talented women writing horror, aside from Mary Shelley and Shirley Jackson.

Essentially, I’m a writer, getting involved with other writers, to edit an anthology to honor women writers and to produce a book that will lead others to great stories by women writers. That’s why as a writer, I’m involved in editing the anthology; and that’s why, as an editor, I’m helping put together a book to honor women.

If you’ve stuck with my rambling for this long, I say “Thanks!” and one last thing before you go, I promise.

If you have a spare minute, please drop by our Kickstarter page and take a gander at our new video. I have it on good authority that it contains a teaser from a story written by one of our spotlight writers.

Thanks, again!

Chris Marrs lives on the West Coast of British Columbia, has two kids, two jobs, and two cats. Before the kids took over, Chris used to write a lot and had two stories published. Now that the kids are older, Chris is back to writing a lot, usually very late into the night and accompanied by copious amounts of coffee. In the past year, Chris had two pieces of flash fiction published in Necon E-books Flash Fiction Anthology Best of 2011 and another piece of flash fiction published in 100 Horrors, Tales of Horror in The Blink of An Eye. Also, a short story of hers recently appeared in Behind Locked Doors, an anthology by Wicked East Press. Chris is a supporting member of the HWA. You can find her on Facebook or at Twitter.


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