This Saturday! Kicking off the Deep Cuts Party! For reals!

Deep Cuts Southern California Book Tour

In a week the Deep Cuts Southern California Book Tour begins! Amazing, I am so excited to present this anthology to all of you.

The first event kicks off February 9, Saturday, at 3PM, with a Book Launch Celebration at Mysterious Galaxy Bookstore in San Diego. Deep Cuts story contributor Stephen Woodworth and Deep Cuts recommendation contributor Kelly Dunn join myself and fellow writer Erik Williams to discuss Deep Cuts and our other projects. We’ll have delicious specialty cupcakes and cookies, along with champagne, to celebrate the release of Deep Cuts.

The tour travels to Burbank the next day, February 10, Sunday, 2:00 for a signing at Dark Delicacies Bookstore. This time I’ll be joined by Lisa Morton, who wrote the Introduction to Deep Cuts, and contributor Stephen Woodworth. We’ll have the same goodies.

On February 24, four Deep Cuts contributors come together to celebrate the release of this wonderful anthology. Nancy Holder, Lisa Morton, Stephen Woodworth, and myself descend upon Mysterious Galaxy in Redondo Beach on February 24 at 2:30. Discussions, signings, and plenty of goodies.

darkdelicacies300 mysteriousgalaxy300

If you’ve never been to Mysterious Galaxy or Dark Delicacies, I urge you to visit and visit often these two stores. Mysterious Galaxy specializes in mysteries, thrillers, science fiction, and horror. Dark Delicacies is the premiere horror bookstore. They also have novelty gifts and gift certificates for those special occasions for your friends and family who love genre lit. Shopping local and independent is very important to our economy. If you can’t actually get to these stores, you can visit their websites and order books from them directly. Yes, Virginia, there are other places to get books besides Barnes & Noble and Amazon. Mysterious Galaxy and Dark Delicacies will give you a much more enriching experience with their diverse stock and knowledgeable employees.

Here are their websites:

For those of you who are attending your first bookstore signings, please remember that good book store etiquette is to buy a copy of the book there.

Note: If you were one of our Kickstarter pledgers, I will have your books and some of your other goodies at the signings for you. The San Diego KS pledgers can get their book at Mysterious Galaxy, San Diego, If you’re from the Los Angeles area, let me know if you’ll be attending the Dark Del or Redondo Beach signing and I’ll have your book there.

    So here’s a recap:

    Mysterious Galaxy, San Diego, February 9, Saturday, 3:00PM
    Dark Delicacies, Burbank, February 10, Sunday, 2:00PM
    Mysterious Galaxy, Redondo Beach, February 24, 2:30PM

There’s more to come, so check here or Facebook or for more events.


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