Women in Horror Month

marrs_chris200From Chris Marrs—

February is here and it isn’t just about groundhogs, SuperBowl, or Valentines anymore. It’s also Women in Horror Month and what better way to celebrate than snuggled up with a copy of Deep Cuts?

Deep Cuts was officially released January 14th, 2012, we celebrated with explody blog fireworks, and a virtual “pop” of the champagne cork, and is now available from Evil Jester Press through Amazon.

Please feel free to review it on Amazon, Goodreads, or your very own blog. Thank you.

Right now, we are working on putting together the reward packages for those who supported our Kickstarter campaign. Although, the three of us live in different cities, and country in one case, we are slowly but surely compiling the rewards despite our being at the mercy of the postal system. Anja Millen has been readying her prints to send, if she hasn’t sent them by the time this is posted, and they look gorgeous! They’ll be coming from Germany, so to those who are awaiting a print, we apologize; the wait might be a bit longer than anticipated. Again, thank you for your support.

It’s hard to believe that a mere ten months ago the concept of Deep Cuts was conceived during World Horror Con in Salt Lake City. Now, here we are holding actual copies of our idea. In a way, it’s a very surreal feeling and on the other hand, a bit sad, like, as Eunice has mentioned, sending the child you raised out into the world to live on their own. But we wouldn’t have something to offer the world if it weren’t for the great team of Peter Giglio and Charles Day at Evil Jester Press, nor our fabulously talented spotlight writers, wickedly talented group of writers, and the wonderful recommendations. Thank you all as well.

We wish you, our readers, enjoy Deep Cuts as much as we enjoyed putting it together and, hopefully, you’ll discover a woman writer or two whose work you haven’t heard of before. After all, this is why we created Deep Cuts.

Bookstores can order directly through Ingram, Baker and Taylor, and other major distributors. Alternatively, bookstores can order directly from Evil Jester Press at 50% off cover price. Contact Charles Day at Evil Jester Press for more information.


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