Angel Leigh McCoy does the Deep Cuts Writer Meme

mccoy_angel200I was eleven when I first realized I wanted to be a writer. Until then, I’d wanted to be a veterinarian. In retrospect, I probably should have stuck with that.

I write because I am.

When I’m writing, I drink Diet Coke.

What’s the line that you’re most proud of writing, the one you keep going back to in your mind?

My favorite writing advice book is Invisible Ink: A Practical Guide to Building Stories That Resonate by Brian McDonald. It’s short and simple. It gets right to the point. It talks about the theme of your story, and how important it is to have one. It then goes into how to support your theme, with very clear explanation and good examples.

I’m most comfortable wearing my glasses when I write.

Pen, typewriter, or computer?
I forgot how to use both a pen and a typerwriter about twenty years ago. Computer and iPad all the way.

When I was a teenager, I wrote gothic romances and short stories about talking fish that granted wishes, ghostly hookers (of which I knew very little), and reincarnation.

My writing style most closely resembles that of lots of people; I’m still looking for my voice. If you find it, send it home, please.

If you ever decided to write hardcore erotica, what would your pseudonym be?
Fok Fu

I come up with my best ideas right before falling asleep.

Where do you write? I write primarily on my couch, laptop in lap, and a cat on either side.

I have a bunch of junk unpublished stories/novels/poems in my trunk.

I’d trade places with the author named Neil Gaiman any day. He seems to have created a wonderful life for himself.

Writing is masochism. You’re unlikely to make money off it, people love telling you how much you suck at it, it makes you fat, and yet, you can’t stop.

I write poetry when I’m in love.

Ten years from now, my writing will be ten years closer to being popular, ’cause I’ll be ten years closer to being dead. And we all know that writers don’t really make it until they’re dead.

The resource book/website I use most when writing is

All I need to make my writing career grow is ass in chair.

I prefer to write in complete silence.

What do you want the epitaph on your grave to say?
“Have Sex Here — Make a Ghost Happy”

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