Lisa Morton does the Deep Cuts Writer Meme

morton_lisa200I was an embittered and disillusioned screenwriter when I first realized I wanted to be a writer.

I write because I’m arrogant enough to think I might be good at it.

When I’m writing, I drink Supreme Shi Gu Ping Oolong Tea (I’m a total tea snob).

What’s the line that you’re most proud of writing, the one you keep going back to in your mind?
(Sorry, it’s three lines):

    “My name is Lisa Morton. I’m one of the world’s leading authorities on Halloween. And this year I discovered that everything I thought I knew was wrong.”
    —the beginning of my novella SUMMER’S END, forthcoming from JournalStone this October

My favorite writing advice book is ON WRITING HORROR, edited by Mort Castle.

I’m most comfortable wearing a cat when I write.

Pen, typewriter, or computer? Toshiba netbook computer.

When I was a teenager, I wrote teen romantic comedies (yes, really).

My writing style most closely resembles that of Lisa Morton.

If you ever decided to write hardcore erotica, what would your pseudonym be? Ben Dover

I come up with my best ideas in the shower.

Where do you write? My office is one end of the living room couch.

I have some stuff I’m saving for another themed collection and not much else in my trunk.

I’d trade places with the author named Lisa Morton (sorry, but I don’t want to trade places with anyone) any day.

Writing is a lifestyle.

I really need to learn how to write poetry.

Ten years from now, my writing will be read by astronauts on their way to Mars.

The resource book/website I use most when writing is Wikipedia.

All I need to make my writing career grow is another 10 lifetimes.

I prefer to write [blank].

What do you want the epitaph on your grave to say? Pretty scary for a chick.

Visit Lisa Morton’s website.


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