Anja Millen

Born somewhere at the end of the world, so-called Germany, Anja spent her entire youth there, followed by some years as a cook in France.

In 1984, Anja started to visualize her own world in paintings and sketches. Strange, monstrous, nifty, and sometimes beautiful.

“I consider myself an artist, writer and hermit.”

After visiting the European Academy of Art, the school of design and art, she discovered the wonderful, unlimited world of digital art in 1998.

For a few years, she has banned the demons in her head also with photography—still learning, still going crazy from all those surreal fantasies in her mind.

Anja is currently living in a cave, on top of the highest mountain, scratching little stick men in the wall, and thinking of publishing a volume of photographs or an illustrated book.

“The world in my eyes seems to be a remix between zombies and aliens. I’m definitly not a zombie.”

Her art is shown and featured in different virtual galleries. She is currently working with musicians creating their CD cover art.

Anja made MMORPG concept arts and character studies for the RPG genre and is looking forward to creating book covers for fantasy novels.

Book: Woven – 2011


  • The Art of Shibari –  Saarbrücken (Germany) Nov 2008 – March 2009.
  • Carnival of Darkness Festival – Los Angeles (US)  August 2009

CD Cover Artwork:

  • Plankton Waves – Unduriel 2010
  • Synus –  Call to the Faithful 2010

Book Cover Art:

  • Polygonum Verlag – Renate ist Fett 2010
  • Polygonum Verlag – Die Tagebücher des Nichts 2010

“One of the most underrated, unsung artists I know  is Anja Millen. For more than two years now, I’ve been amazed at her work. She plays dual roles of photographer and photomanipulator- sometimes she is her own subject. Her work is stunning in it’s visual and emotional depth. Anja’s artistic tongue speaks loudly and uncensored.” ~ Andrew Bryon Carson

“Your gallery is really magnificent. Your works are filled with raw emotion and expressiveness, so detailed and delicious that it’s a joy to the heart, not only the eyes.” ~ Omri J. Luzon

“She must be from somewhere else beyond imagination.” ~Serdar Petin

“Sie kotzt Kunst” ~Unknown

Visit Anja’s Facebook page to see more of her evocative and amazing work.


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