Upcoming Events!!

magill_es300E.S. Magill is hosting events at several Southern California locations this month. Come on out and meet the charming E. as well as authors from Deep Cuts.

  • Mysterious Galaxy, San Diego, February 9, Saturday, 3:00PM
  • Dark Delicacies, Burbank, February 10, Sunday, 2:00PM
  • Mysterious Galaxy, Redondo Beach, February 24, 2:30PM

Women in Horror Month

marrs_chris200From Chris Marrs—

February is here and it isn’t just about groundhogs, SuperBowl, or Valentines anymore. It’s also Women in Horror Month and what better way to celebrate than snuggled up with a copy of Deep Cuts?

Deep Cuts was officially released January 14th, 2012, we celebrated with explody blog fireworks, and a virtual “pop” of the champagne cork, and is now available from Evil Jester Press through Amazon.

Please feel free to review it on Amazon, Goodreads, or your very own blog. Thank you.

Right now, we are working on putting together the reward packages for those who supported our Kickstarter campaign. Although, the three of us live in different cities, and country in one case, we are slowly but surely compiling the rewards despite our being at the mercy of the postal system. Anja Millen has been readying her prints to send, if she hasn’t sent them by the time this is posted, and they look gorgeous! They’ll be coming from Germany, so to those who are awaiting a print, we apologize; the wait might be a bit longer than anticipated. Again, thank you for your support.

It’s hard to believe that a mere ten months ago the concept of Deep Cuts was conceived during World Horror Con in Salt Lake City. Now, here we are holding actual copies of our idea. In a way, it’s a very surreal feeling and on the other hand, a bit sad, like, as Eunice has mentioned, sending the child you raised out into the world to live on their own. But we wouldn’t have something to offer the world if it weren’t for the great team of Peter Giglio and Charles Day at Evil Jester Press, nor our fabulously talented spotlight writers, wickedly talented group of writers, and the wonderful recommendations. Thank you all as well.

We wish you, our readers, enjoy Deep Cuts as much as we enjoyed putting it together and, hopefully, you’ll discover a woman writer or two whose work you haven’t heard of before. After all, this is why we created Deep Cuts.

Bookstores can order directly through Ingram, Baker and Taylor, and other major distributors. Alternatively, bookstores can order directly from Evil Jester Press at 50% off cover price. Contact Charles Day at Evil Jester Press for more information.

This Saturday! Kicking off the Deep Cuts Party! For reals!

Deep Cuts Southern California Book Tour

In a week the Deep Cuts Southern California Book Tour begins! Amazing, I am so excited to present this anthology to all of you.

The first event kicks off February 9, Saturday, at 3PM, with a Book Launch Celebration at Mysterious Galaxy Bookstore in San Diego. Deep Cuts story contributor Stephen Woodworth and Deep Cuts recommendation contributor Kelly Dunn join myself and fellow writer Erik Williams to discuss Deep Cuts and our other projects. We’ll have delicious specialty cupcakes and cookies, along with champagne, to celebrate the release of Deep Cuts.

The tour travels to Burbank the next day, February 10, Sunday, 2:00 for a signing at Dark Delicacies Bookstore. This time I’ll be joined by Lisa Morton, who wrote the Introduction to Deep Cuts, and contributor Stephen Woodworth. We’ll have the same goodies.

On February 24, four Deep Cuts contributors come together to celebrate the release of this wonderful anthology. Nancy Holder, Lisa Morton, Stephen Woodworth, and myself descend upon Mysterious Galaxy in Redondo Beach on February 24 at 2:30. Discussions, signings, and plenty of goodies.

darkdelicacies300 mysteriousgalaxy300

If you’ve never been to Mysterious Galaxy or Dark Delicacies, I urge you to visit and visit often these two stores. Mysterious Galaxy specializes in mysteries, thrillers, science fiction, and horror. Dark Delicacies is the premiere horror bookstore. They also have novelty gifts and gift certificates for those special occasions for your friends and family who love genre lit. Shopping local and independent is very important to our economy. If you can’t actually get to these stores, you can visit their websites and order books from them directly. Yes, Virginia, there are other places to get books besides Barnes & Noble and Amazon. Mysterious Galaxy and Dark Delicacies will give you a much more enriching experience with their diverse stock and knowledgeable employees.

Here are their websites:

For those of you who are attending your first bookstore signings, please remember that good book store etiquette is to buy a copy of the book there.

Note: If you were one of our Kickstarter pledgers, I will have your books and some of your other goodies at the signings for you. The San Diego KS pledgers can get their book at Mysterious Galaxy, San Diego, If you’re from the Los Angeles area, let me know if you’ll be attending the Dark Del or Redondo Beach signing and I’ll have your book there.

    So here’s a recap:

    Mysterious Galaxy, San Diego, February 9, Saturday, 3:00PM
    Dark Delicacies, Burbank, February 10, Sunday, 2:00PM
    Mysterious Galaxy, Redondo Beach, February 24, 2:30PM

There’s more to come, so check here or Facebook or www.deepcuts111.com for more events.

Goodies are coming in!

We’re heavy into the long and arduous process of fulfilling our Kickstarter pledge orders, and the materials have started arriving. E.S. Magill has been spearheading this effort, and she’s doing an amazing job.

We’ll soon begin the book-signing process, made complex by the fact that none of us live near one another.

We’ve ordered the art prints from Anja Millen, and they’re en route from Germany!

It’s all very exciting!

Table of Contents

Introduction by Lisa Morton

E.S. Magill on Nancy’s Holder’s “Crash Cart”
“Crash Cart” by Nancy Holder
“The Poison Eater” by Sandra Odell
“The Ditch” by Samael Gyre
“Practical Necromancy” by Sara Taylor
“Awaiting the Captain’s Ghost” by Michael Haynes
“Hollow Moments” by R.S. Belcher
“Mr. Casey is in the House” by Stephen Woodworth

Chris Marrs on Yvonne Navarro’s “Santa Alma”
“Santa Alma” by Yvonne Navarro
“Sanctity” by C.W. Smith
“Red is the Color of my True Love’s Blood” by Colleen Anderson
“Lost Daughters” by James Chambers
“Mules” by Ed Kurtz

Angel Leigh McCoy on Mehitobel Wilson’s “The Remains”
“The Remains” by Mehitobel Wilson
“Beavers” by Rachel Karyo
“Lucky Clover” by Kelly A. Harmon
“Pinprick” by Scathe meic Beorh
“Abby” by Patricia Lillie
“Clown Balloons” by Satyros Phil Brucato
“I am Victim” by Rob M. Miller

Yes, No, Maybe—Choosing the Stories

At the end of September, the three of us met up at the Haunted Mansion Writers Retreat, hosted and organized by Rain Graves. This was my second HMWR, being an original attendee and “survivor.” The retreat is a horror writer’s dream. Check out The Haunted Mansion Project: Year One (edited by yours-truly) for essays, fiction, and even pictures to vicariously experience what we did. Chris and Angel signed up for the second HMWR before we even conceived of the Deep Cuts anthology, but the retreat gave us the perfect opportunity to get together and choose the stories.

Submissions for the anthology closed on August 31, and we had over 250 stories to consider. That’s why this update is so late coming.

Once the antho was closed we had the task of reading all these stories. We took this duty seriously. Tech-goddess Angel set it up so the writers submitted their stories through Submittable. This allowed us to read stories and vote on them—yes, maybe, no. We spent all of September reading, and we knew we had to complete it before the Haunted Mansion Retreat. And, of course, September was also a busy month for all three of us: Chris has two jobs and her children; I went back to work as a middle school English teacher; and Angel? Oh, she just had the major release of Guild Wars 2. No biggie. Sheesh. And, if that wasn’t enough, we all attended Killercon in Las Vegas the week before the retreat. How did we get all that reading finished in a month?

We did though.

Chris Marrs, E.S. Magill, and Angel Leigh McCoy hard at work on selecting stories for Deep Cuts in the attic of a haunted house. We chose the stories for Deep Cuts while we were spending a long weekend at a haunted house. How fitting.

With the voting system, Angel was able to sort out the no’s from the yes’s and maybe’s. Mind you, “no” didn’t mean it was a poorly written story, not at all. In fact, it was amazing that almost every story was well-written. I can only remember one where the grammar and plot structure made me cringe. The only reason a story got a no was because it just didn’t fit the Deep Cuts theme. The majority of stories in our “to consider” list were maybes. There were very few yes’s, and none of us were in consensus with any one story. Our yes’s were personal. Stories were all some combination of yes, maybe, and no.

It took us two days at the retreat to make our selections. Initially, Chris, Angel and I holed ourselves up in our room for the first round and then in the spooky mansion attic for the second. Being able to sit across from one another and discuss the stories face to face proved to be essential. Conducting this process via email just wouldn’t have been as effective. We needed to hear the passion in one another’s voices for stories to which we had strong connections. We needed to read the emotions on our faces for stories that moved us. This process allowed us to come to consensus on most stories, but it also allowed us to compromise. Each of us had stories we absolutely had to have, and we could only have understood this sitting next to one another.

From the beginning, we were dedicated to choosing the best stories for Deep Cuts. In the writing community, there’s a feeling that stories get chosen for anthologies not because of their merit but by a writer’s name. We even had a response from one story rejection that we were going to choose the “usual suspects.” Take a look at our table of contents. I have to say I only know a handful (less than 5) of the writers we chose—and I know a lot of people in the horror writing community. I’m proud of us for accomplishing this. It’s not easy rejecting friends. But everyone who didn’t get an acceptance from us, know that we admired and respected every story and author. Writing and submitting are hard. Receiving a rejection isn’t easy—ever. Chris, Angel, and I know this all too well.

We chose the stories. We’re confident we chose the best ones that represent the Deep Cuts spirit. But the only judge of that is one person—you, the reader.